Bree Price

My practice is in the early stages of evolving I was initially drawn to textiles through weave and construction. I have explored many processes from the loom to tapestry as well as manipulation techniques such as smocking, contemporary basketry, natural dyes and experimentation. My practice is based on the use of traditional methods, sometimes used in unconventional ways I have chosen a path where I can take time to appreciate all that nature provides for us, and hopefully through my work share its beauty with others. Having grown up in a market garden coastal village my work is informed by a lifelong interest in nature with a fascination for the ever changing marks and the amazing compositions that are created naturally.

For my current work my inspiration is drawn from my observation of local beaches and hinterlands. The beach has always created a sense of renewal whilst offering both inspiration and a wealth of new materials. Each new tide creates a multitude of intriguing patterns and designs that constantly change: both tide and man leave behind an endless supply of material to collect from.

Another source of inspiration is my interest in plant life, in particular the changing structures that emerge during their life cycle. Through my observations of my environment, I have become aware of the similarities of naturally formed patterns that occur across different aspects of nature and I hope to reflect these in my practice. I record these experiences through my photography and collection of materials I might come across, whilst respecting the environmental impact of gathering natural materials at all times.

As stated by Jamila Ibohim “Through developing a greater understanding of the qualities and potential of raw materials used… to make the best of their inherent characteristics”. More recently I have been exploring the technique of wood carving & wood turning and hope to explore ways of combing the use of different materials to create new contemporary pieces that respect the traditional craft techniques.

I currently sell through local markets and am also in The Crafty Rock in Blackrock.

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