Kathleen Mulholland

Kathleen’s bags are handmade at her home using an industrial sewing machine and the finishing may be done by hand. The fabrics are mostly upholstery weight which I sometimes embellish. The caps are made from Kathleen’s own pattern and are mostly tweed or cotton floral. All of the journals are produced in Dundalk and are bound and covered in her Studio in similar fabrics to those used in the bags and caps.

Kathleen has a real passion for working with fabric and takes great pride and joy in her work.

Needlework has been running through the veins of her family for generations, so when it comes to sitting down with her sewing machine it is as if the two become one. Kathleen has been working with fabrics for many years in both the interiors and soft furnishings and in the craft world. Having excelled in both areas Kathleen found her love of craft out shone her love of interior design and when she joined a local craft collective she was right at home. Now she could sell her bags, caps and notebooks in a creative space, getting to meet her customers and developing her designs with their ideas in mind.

Kathleen treasures her gift of sewing and hopes that her finished products convey the passion she holds for her craft.

Web: http://www.suzikay.com/

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 087 6387387

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