Violet Shirran

A former student of Grennan Mill Craft School, Violet graduated from N.C.A.D with a degree in Art/Craft and Design. Violet returned to N.C.A.D. to study Embroidery and then Printed Textiles which she now combines in her work.

A member of Louth Craftmark and Cork Textile Network, Crafts Council and TAFA, Violet divides her time between teaching art and working from her own studio in Drogheda, Co Louth.
Violet has exhibited through Ireland and has had a number of solo shows.

Cloth is at the heart of my work and stitch is my preferred method of mark making. I work deliberately stitch by stitch and like the slow meditative and repetitive nature of hand sewing. Taking my themes from nature, I print with dyes using screen print and relief print, a technique that allows the image to become part of the fabric rather than sitting on the surface. I’m concerned with texture and pattern, layering print and stitch to achieve what I hope are tactile pieces inviting to the touch.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 087 9732252

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